Lei come in many varieties throughout the Islands. The lei is a symbol of the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and their welcoming spirit of aloha. Although a flower lei is most recognizable, traditional lei are made from many types of semi non-perishable materials, such as wood, bone, feathers, nuts and seeds, and from perishable materials, such as coconut, vines, leaves and flowers.

Graduations, weddings, anniversaries, family reunions… the lei is a true expression of aloha and the perfect gift for every occasion!

The Everlasting Lei is available in a variety of colors and styles.  – 24 inch

This length is shorter and sits at the collar. These are hand crochet lei designed with Fancy eyelash yarn, ribbon, and/or yarn. We have a limited number available in a limited variety of colors.

$25.00 each.

lei 24in1
lei 24in2
lei 24in3


44 Inch Lei and Lei Po’o (head lei) Set

This set is hand crochet from Fancy eyelash yarn, ribbon, and yarn and comes in purple.


34 Inch Multicolor Lei

This multicolored lei is hand crochet from fancy yarn with a ribbon base.

$30.00 each.

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